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Moms roar not whine

For the record, I am not a bra burner.I believe in equal pay for equal work and I do not believe anyone should be discriminated against because of how they pee (sitting down vs standing up), or if they can birth a child. I also do not believe working mothers should be awarded concessions because they are “working mothers.”

I am a working mother. I have been a married working mother. I have been a single working mother. I have worked full time outside of my home (excluding 2020) since my child was six weeks old. I have held management positions as well as non-management positions. I have been a salaried employee, an hourly employee and a 100% commission employee. I have punched a time clock and I have had freedoms to make my own schedule. Being a working mom is hard. The guilt I have felt throughout the years has been incredible. I have missed award ceremonies and performances. I have missed the opportunity to chaperone. Why? Because I am a working mother. I also made the choice to have a child knowing that I had to work. I made the choice. My employer did not. My coworkers did not. Again, I made the choice! I know that this post will ruffle a few feathers but what the hell.

Ladies, for years women have tried to get equality in the workplace, but the constant whining of women who believe working mothers should be treated differently and have entitlements is one of the reasons I believe we continue to struggle. Stop the whining… put your big girl panties on and work. You’re not entitled to shit. Yes, I said it.

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